Holistic Hoof Care for Horse Owners

Course for everyone interested in equine hoof care

English course coming soon!

Holistic Hoof Care for Horse Owners is a comprehensive course covering the basics of equine hoof care. It’s been created by three highly experienced hoof care professionals, with over 40 years of combined experience in the industry. The course is aimed at everyone interested in horse hoof care and doesn’t require any prior skills or knowledge.

Satu and Jiri Vainikka have been teaching barefoot trimming since 2007. First this was done as face-to-face classes at their farm in southern Finland. In 2016 the teaching moved online, when the first version of Holistic Hoof Care for Horse Owners course was created.

The course has now been updated, and Minna Sarkkinen, a Finnish hoof care professional living in Australia, has joined as a third teacher on the course.

Full bios can be found on the About page.

This new and improved course teaches you all the basics of hoof care and trimming.

  • What kind of an animal a horse is, and what are its species-specific requirements.
  • How a horse’s welfare can be improved by making small changes to its living habitat.
  • Anatomy and biomechanics of the hoof.
  • How to do a basic barefoot trim and what tools are needed for it.
  • When and why does a horse need extra hoof protection.

After completing the course, you will understand the importance of holistic hoof care, and how you can improve your horse’s quality of life and wellbeing.

The comprehensive course content, consisting of written text, images and videos, offers a solid foundation of hoof knowledge to anyone interested in the topic.

The course is aimed at horse owners at all levels, from beginners upwards. You don’t need any prior knowledge of hoof care, as the course starts from the basics and builds up from there. You will get a six months access to the entire course content and to a private course community group. After the six months, you are invited to join a development group, where new study material is published monthly. After completing the course you are also able to take advantage of individual hoof trimming tutoring by our course teachers (charged separately).

"The course really helped me understand the hoof anatomy and the importance of good basic hoof trim. After completing the course I have started to trim my own horses and can already see massive improvements in their hooves.

Because of this course, I am able to better care for my horses and improve their living habitat by some simple changes.

The course is easy to follow and everything is explained properly. I would recommend this course to every horse owner!"

- Riikka -

Benefits of online learning

Online course is an effective way to learn theory, and all required information is included in the course.

Videos, photos and recordings help learners transfer the knowledge to practice.

All learners can progress on the course at a pace that suits them best, and go back to earlier sections as and when necessary.

Being able to repeat sections drives deeper learning.

The course enables the learner to take a holistic view to hoof care. The world is full of “quick fixes” that make the symptoms disappear but do nothing to actually fix the real issue; our aim is to teach you how to get to the root of the problem and fix it. Or better yet, give you the tools to prevent situations ever becoming problems!

The course is designed to enable you to look at a horse’s situation holistically and determine what is happening, and what you could do to create positive and lasting changes to benefit the horse.

The online course can be accessed from a mobile phone, tablet or computer; you can even login from your mobile phone with an app when out and about with your horse.

This course is designed for owners who want to care for their horses holistically. It teaches you how to do a basic barefoot trim on a horse, but it’s NOT a course that will enable you to start trimming horses for a living. Although anyone can learn the basics of barefoot trimming, we don’t recommend that you start trimming other people’s horses after completing this course. Trimming professionally requires years of in-depth study and practice.



The course price is 569.20€

Once purchased, the course modules become available one at a time during the first 17 days, and the course remains open to you for 6 months. Once you join, you also get access to a private Community group, where you can discuss hoof trimming with other course participants, and receive trimming guidance based on the course content. If you become a monthly member (see details below), the course and Community remain open to you for the duration of your monthly membership.

Monthly membership 36€ pcm

This is for those who have completed the course and want to continue learning. Monthly members get continued access to the entire course content, and access to further hoof trimming materials that take their learning even further. In addition they remain a part of the Community group where students can share their learning journeys and receive basic help with their hoof trimming based on the course content.


Individual trimming advice for monthly members who have completed the course

Written advice 80€ per horse

Based on hoof photos sent by the owner. Excludes horses that require specialist trimming outside the scope of the course.

Come and learn holistic hoof care with us!

English course will be available soon!