Meet the Team

With over 40 years of professional hoof care experience between them, the teachers of Holistic Hoof Care for Horse Owners are now empowering you to take an active part in improving your horse's hoof health.

Satu Vainikka

Satu was a full time professional barefoot trimmer until 2010, when she transferred into teaching barefoot trimming to horse owners. During her trimming career, she quickly became very popular with owners whose horses were scared of men due to past bad experiences with male farriers. Those horses were much more receptive to being trimmed by a woman, and from the very start Satu was committed to showing the owners how they could learn holistic hoof care themselves.

Often Satu would spend much longer than intended with her clients, who were overjoyed by finally receiving clear guidance regarding hoof care.

Nowadays Satu devotes her time to educating horse owners regarding holistic hoof care through online learning, and operating Flex Hoof Boots, which she and Jiri own.

Jiri Vainikka

Jiri is one of those people that animals are instinctively drawn to. He has been a professional barefoot trimmer since 2004 and throughout his career has had the pleasure of helping many horses get over their fear of farriers and barefoot trimmers, by giving the horses a positive trimming experience. Jiri was always fully booked, and he put his whole heart to every trim he did.

Nowadays Jiri spends his time developing and manufacturing Flex Boots, and taking care of their small farm. He still trims their own horses regularly, and consults horse owners with complicated hoof care issues.

Jiri is meticulous, persistent and focused in his approach, and he also has artistic skills. All these qualities are valuable when it comes to holistic hoof care.

Minna Sarkkinen

Minna is a Finn who’s been living in Australia for the past 20 years. She has over 10 years of solid, professional barefoot trimming experience under her belt. Minna’s strengths are giving advice regarding barefoot trimming and fitting Flex Boots to horses online.

Minna is specialised in barefoot trimming Thoroughbreds, and helping laminitic horses through anatomically correct trimming practices and use of Flex Boots to aid recovery. With Minna living in Australia, and Satu and Jiri in Finland, collectively the three have the experience and knowledge to advice horse owners anywhere in the world.

Minna is still trimming horses full time and her trimming services are in great demand. She always has the horse’s best interest at heart and is hugely valued by her clients.