Holistic Hoof Care for
Horse Owners
Kokonaisvaltaista Kavionhoitoa Hevosten Omistajille

Welcome to our online hoof care school!

We are passionate about holistic hoof care and our dream is to equip all horse owners to care for their own horse's hooves to the extent that they are comfortable with, be it a small weekly maintenance trim, to teaching them to trim their barefoot horses entirely by themselves.

A list of our courses is below, please click on the links to read more!

Holistic Hoof Care for Horse Owners

With our knowledgeable guidance, you can learn holistic hoof care that will benefit your horse or pony.

 This course will teach you how to trim your horse's hooves from start to finish.

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Short Course:
Weekly Trim

We have created a practical short course that teaches all horse owners how to maintain their horse's hoof health between professional trims. On this course you learn to do a small maintenance trim that addresses the heels, hoof wall and balance. 

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Kokonaisvaltaista Kavionhoitoa Hevosten Omistajille

Kurssimme opettaa sinulle kokonaisvaltaista kavionhoitoa. Tämä asiantuntijoiden laatima kurssi auttaa sinua auttamaan hevostasi.

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Kavioiden viikkohuolto

Olemme rakentaneet käytännönläheisen minikurssin kavioiden viikkohuollosta kaikille hevosten omistajille! 

Tällä minikurssilla opit miten voit pienellä vaivalla ylläpitää hevosesi kavioiden mallia, kuntoa ja terveyttä ammattivuolijan käyntien välissä. 

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